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Undersöka norra Botkyrka

Norra Botkyrka is a land covered by trees and meadows that are connected to the sea by a big lake. The area began to be settled by hunters and fishermen. The first farms were built after them. Their dwellers started to leave paths behind. The territory became a passing place between a capital city and a continent. As a testimony of the engagement between the people and its land, maps were drawn by following these paths.

Today, these paths are used by people that have always living there and newcomers that bring different cultures, believes and manners. Paths are the thread that needles the fabric of the local community. I want to reactivate old and new paths to allow more room for sociability and meaning.

I live in Norra Botkyrka. I want to know the people whom inhabitant in my land. For this, I propose three routes wherein participants will be invited to walk beside people that probably have met in the t-bana or food store but have never talk each other. For every route, I will arrange collaborative activities for fostering conviviality between participants.

Exploring our land in order to create a new story of the place where we live in. To facilitate space for listening our stories and willings. Because we take care for that which we love it. We love what we know. Walking together for making Norra Botkyrka our home.

Juanma González är en Konstnär....

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